Wedding and bridal shower: Discover the differences

The bridal shower is the perfect celebration for the future bride and her friends who want to celebrate the hen party in an elegant and cosy atmosphere.

This is not about enjoying the “last day in freedom”. Rather, the bridal shower is used for the get-together of friends who, in addition to delicious cupcakes, sparkling wine and a few typical games, celebrate their girlfriend in private and want to congratulate her of course with gifts on the upcoming wedding.

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The bridal shower is an American tradition that is now being celebrated in more and more countries. In other countries, too, this alternative to a classic hen party is becoming increasingly popular.

Why not, it offers women a wonderful change from the wild parties in the trendy bars of the city!

When deciding between a bachelorette party and a bachelorette party, there are specific things to consider.

After all, each shower is different and will include distinctly different guest lists. Consider the following difference between a wedding and bridal shower.

Guest list differences

A bachelorette party is typically held for the bride. The quest list will include your friends and family. This event is usually organized by a woman who is close to the bride and is often held in place of the bridal shower.

However, a wedding party is held for the bride and groom and guests of both sexes are invited. This guest list mainly differs between wedding vs bridal shower and can include family or friends of the bride or groom.

bridal shower

Gifts for showers

The gifts given in these showers are also quite different. Gifts at a bridal shower are generally specific to the bride. Perfumes, jewellery, lingerie or bath products are the typical options for this event.

However, when choosing gifts for a wedding party, guests will want a gift that the bride and groom can share. Household items, antiques, or family heirlooms are appropriate for this event.

Shower place

A bachelorette party can be held at a bride’s favourite restaurant, at a friend’s house, or at a women’s entertainment venue.

However, a wedding party will often take place in a restaurant or in a meeting room. A wedding party will often include dinners and speeches presented by the guests. However, a bachelorette party can include drinks and fun party games.

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