Is cash a bad wedding gift? Get the Answer

Weddings can be an exorbitant event for the happy couple, however for the guests also. Engagement gifts, bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal shower gifts, and also the best possible clothing for the wedding day; everything begins to include.

Hearing a cash gift is energized from the bride and groom can be a welcome since it requires some investment of looking for the correct gift, however what is the suitable sum for cash gift? Is cash a bad wedding gift? This article will answer only that!

Etiquette of Giving Cash as Wedding Gifts

Is it fitting to give cash as a wedding gift?

Numerous individuals decide to give cash as a wedding gift and this is completely satisfactory, considerably more, when the couple energizes it.

Cash gifts don’t require heading off to the store to buy, you don’t need to worry about finding the correct colour or having it impeccably wrapped.

The newlyweds don’t need to worry about returning it and can make use of it to cover various purchases or expenses for their new home.

wedding gift

It isn’t just a functional gift, yet an exceptionally valuable gift that will better assistance the couple start their new life together. But if not presented in a proper way, can be counted being the reason of cons of give cash for a wedding.

What amount is the perfect add up to give?

There are no set guidelines for giving cash as your wedding gift to the couple. It tends to be as meagre as $50 or over $500.

Who would it be advisable for us to give the cash envelope to?

Giving cash as a wedding gift must not be offered directly to the bride or groom since they will probably be having various different things going on, it is more likely they will lose it.

Rather, when giving cash as wedding gifts, the envelopes must be given to one of the couple’s parents or a nearby family member.


They will frequently as of now be clutching everything for the couple or realize who to hand the envelopes off to.

Is a check suitable?

Mailing a check to the couple is totally adequate and it extremely just depends on your comfort level.

If you would much rather not need to worry about it, at that point you can mail the look at to the bride or groom prior to the wedding.

In the event that you are giving them a keep an eye on or sending it after the wedding day, at that point you will need to make the look at to both the bride and groom making use of their new married name If one of them are taking the other’s last name.

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